Chemtrail Comb

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This comb removes 99.9% of all the mind-controlling toxins sprayed on you by chemtrails.  Use as fast as possible whenever you see a chemtrail above your head. This comb works for:

  • Boeing 767
  • Boeing 727
  • Airbus A320

If you are worried about other airplane types, stay tuned! We are currently developing a comb which works for all airplane types and as a side effect increases your IQ by at least 0.1%!

Free from government toxins, smart as a whip and an amazing hair styling. This is a real no brainer!

In case this amuses you, read Quantum Physics for Hippies. Enjoy 🙂





1 review for Chemtrail Comb

  1. Charlie Whiskey

    Great product. However, it only works for A320 that are produced in the Airbus facilities in Mobile, AL. It does not protect you from those manufactured in Hamburg and Toulouse and surely not those carrying special Chinese chemtrails built in Tianjin!
    Still to improve please!

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