quantum physics for hippies by lukas neumeier

explore exciting theories of QUANTUM PHYSICS

easily explained and easy to read even for BEGINNERS

Insights and concepts for INTERMEDIATES 

NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of physics needed

narrated in an EXCITING and mind blowing STORY

What is this book about?

What is quantum physics really about? You are curious about quantum physics but a total beginner?

Learn about Schroedinger’s cat and quantum entanglement in the simplest possible way while being entertained with a mind-bending story.

Bob, a spiritual hippie, meets the witty nerd Alice, who day-dreams about quantum physics all day long.

This chance meeting starts them on a mind-blowing journey into the nature of reality that will change their lives forever.

Written by REAL quantum physicists and beautifully illustrated, Quantum Physics for Hippies takes the bizarre world of quantum physics and makes it understandable even to absolute beginners.

Excited Readers!

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How is the Idea orginated?

Hippies and nerds are united by their passion for truth regardless of social stereotypes.

While hippies tend to focus more on their inner world, trying to improve the beliefs they have about themselves, nerds are obsessed with the physical world. Both realms are represented in our brains by maps. Maps of realities.

Not surprisingly those maps strongly depend on each other. With our book Quantum Physics for Hippies we make it understandable for everyone what quantum physics teaches us about each realm.

We believe in the uniting power of humor and self-irony. If you take yourself too seriously and are easily offended, run before it is too late :-). And for god’s sake do NOT check out our shop.