Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction

  • What is the law of attraction?
  • Can it be used to manifest winning the lottery?
  • Can it be explained with quantum physics?

The Law of Attraction

Bob: Hey, Alice. Ever heard of the law of attraction?

Alice: You mean the gravitational attraction between massive objects? Or the attraction between unequal electric charges?

Bob: Nope. I mean the fundamental law of the universe. It says that your thoughts and feelings manifest themselves in your outer world. If you think you can’t do anything, you won’t succeed. And if you visualize your soul mate, you will find him. If you do it right, you can even manifest a lottery win. It’s all about resonance. Isn’t that quantum physics too?

The connection with quantum physics

Alice: I don’t think it has anything to do with quantum physics, but rather with psychology. Sure, if you think badly about yourself, then you also lack the courage to try new things. If you feel good, you have access to creative thoughts and you can easily find solutions to your problems. Even your body reacts to your feelings and thoughts. This is the well-known placebo effect for positive things and the nocebo effect for negative things. These effects are so strong that in some cases you can heal yourself through the placebo effect and it is believed that you can even kill yourself through the nocebo effect. That it is possible to manifest a lottery win, I think is nonsense. How is that possible?

Bob: Well, your thoughts and feelings radiate waves. And those waves resonate with the universe and the universe brings what you think into your life. That’s the law of attraction. You attract what you think and above all you feel. You must feel as if you have already won the lottery. Then the universe knows “Aha! He’s ready for the cash.” and then sends you the money in some mysterious way.

Manifesting winning the Lottery

Alice: You really think you can chill on the couch at home and influence the lottery random number generator with your feelings? If that works, then why do I have to pay for your beer every time?

Bob: I just don’t think I’m ready for that much money yet. And the universe knows that. I have some deep-seated belief that is preventing me from getting rich.

Alice: Here I am with you. Maybe that belief is called the Law of Attraction.  Okay, so first of all, it’s true that your brain is emitting electromagnetic waves. You can actually measure them with an EEG. You can translate thoughts into binary code that can drive a remote-controlled car. But the information contained in these waves is specific to our brain. If you think in German, then the receiver must not only detect these waves (which are extremely weak), it must also decode them and then also be able to speak German. Do you think that the universe can speak German?

Bob: Yeah, why not? The universe speaks all languages. Besides, it’s more about feelings than about thoughts anyway. And feelings are independent of language.

Alice: Good point. Good point. So you’re saying that your outside world is a mirror of your inside emotional world?

Bob: Yes, exactly! But with a time lag. It sometimes takes a little time for the outside world to respond.

Psychology and the importance of action

Alice: Okay. Interesting. I think that in many cases this map of reality is not so wrong. Well, the one that your outside world is a mirror of your inside world. And this for many different reasons, none of which have anything to do with quantum physics or brain waves.

When you feel bad, you tend to think negative thoughts. This draws energy from you and then you have no more energy to take care of your life. Sooner or later this will be reflected in your circumstances. But when you are in a good mood then you have ideas, you are full of energy, you take risks and one of your plans will work sooner or later if you try it often enough.

However, the idea that you can just sit there and then the riches will ring at the door is counterproductive in my opinion. Yes, positive feelings create a positive environment for you and thus indirectly more money, health and you also appear more attractive to the sex of your choice. But things only happen when you act. Without acting you do not change anything.

Bob: I see it a little differently.  For example, it really often happens that I think about somebody, and bang, my phone rings and that person is on it. How do you explain that?

Alice: This is called selective perception. You think about people all day long. Statistically speaking, it has to happen from time to time that a person calls you just when you think about them. And these are the cases you remember and the other countless times you thought about people and they didn’t call you, you just forget.

Bob: I don’t know. I like to think that my attitude has an impact on my world. And visualizing my wishes helps me to fulfill those wishes.

Alice: That’s true! But I don’t think it’s necessary to assume something supernatural for that. Human psychology is quite sufficient for that. Our brain consists, roughly speaking, of an intuitive part that communicates with feelings and a rational part that communicates with thoughts.

The intuitive part is largely unconscious, but very effective, fast and can process a lot of information at once. The rational part is analytical, slow and needs much energy. When you visualize a wish and feel good, you signal to your intuitive part of the brain what is good for you.

You program, so to speak, your wish into your subconscious. Then your intuition helps you automatically to fulfill your wish, because it brings you unconsciously in situations in which your wish can be fulfilled.  However, the whole thing only works with wishes which you can fulfill by acting or by being at the right place at the right time. And then you also have to act. But I’m pretty sure that this doesn’t work with lottery games.

Bob: Okay, that kind of makes sense. But I’m not quite convinced yet.  Say, can you lend me some dough for a beer? I want to go to the casino later 😊

Alice: Let me buy you a drink.

Bob: Ha! That beer I just manifested through my thirst!

Bottom line: Feeling good about sight is actually an advantage for making your dreams come true! But why? We think it has nothing to do with quantum physics or resonance, but with human psychology.

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